Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Trouble recovery
(2) Loosen the cap on the electrical box and
remove it.
(3) Replace the blown fuse with the spare
fuse of the correct amperage by using the
fuse puller on the reverse side of the cap.
WARNING! Do not use fuses of a dif-
ferent amperage than recommended.
Substitution with a fuse that has an
improper rating can cause extensive
electrical system damage and possi-
ble fire.
(4) Securely install the cap by tightening it
until it stops.
(5) Securely install the seat in its original po-
1 Electrical box
2 Cap
1 Spare fuse
2 Fuse
3 Cap
1 Fuse puller
Fuse amperage:
Battery fuse:
30 A
Main relay drive fuse:
10 A
Electronic throttle valve fuse:
10 A
Security system fuse:
3 A
Main fuse:
20 A
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