Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Operation and handling requirements
When checking the engine oil level on wa-
ter, moor the watercraft so that it will not drift
To check the engine oil level:
(1) With the engine stopped, place the water-
craft in a precisely level position on land
or launch the watercraft.
(2) Look in all directions, and then start the
engine. (See page 66 for information on
starting the engine.)
(3) Run the engine at idling speed for 6 min-
utes or more. Run the engine an addition-
al 5 minutes if the ambient temperature is
20 °C (68 °F) or less.
(4) Stop the engine.
(5) Remove the seat. (See page 44 for seat
removal and installation procedures.)
(6) Loosen the oil tank filler cap and remove
it, and then wipe the attached dipstick
(7) Screw the oil tank filler cap into the filler
hole until it stops. Remove the oil tank fill-
er cap again and make sure that the en-
gine oil level is between the minimum and
maximum level marks.
(8) If the engine oil level is significantly above
the maximum level mark, consult a
Yamaha dealer. If the engine oil level is
below the minimum level mark, slowly
add engine oil.
(9) Repeat steps 68 until the engine oil is at
the proper level.
(10)Securely install the oil tank filler cap and
turn it until it stops.
(11)Securely install the seat in its original po-
1 Oil tank filler cap/Dipstick
1 Dipstick
2 Maximum level mark
3 Minimum level mark
21 3
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