Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Riding position
Operator riding position
The operator should grip the handlebars firm-
ly with both hands and sit astride the seat with
both feet on the floor of the footwell.
Passenger riding position
The passenger(s) should hold on firmly, either
to the person in front of them or to the hand-
grip provided, and sit astride the seat with
their feet on the floor of the footwell. Never al-
low a passenger to ride in front of the opera-
tor. (See page 17 for information on the riding
position when pulling a water-skier.)
Launching the watercraft
When launching the watercraft, make sure
that there are no obstacles around you.
If the watercraft is launched from a trailer,
someone should make sure that waves do not
push the watercraft into the trailer.
Starting the engine on water
Do not apply throttle when anyone is at the
rear of the watercraft. Turn the engine off
or keep it at idle. Water and debris exiting
the jet thrust nozzle can cause severe inju-
To start the engine:
(1) VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser: If the lock mode
is selected for the Yamaha Security Sys-
tem setting, select the unlock mode. (See
page 31 for Yamaha Security System
setting procedures.)
(2) Move the watercraft to an area that is free
from weeds and debris, and has a water
depth of at least 60 cm (2 ft) from the bot-
tom of the watercraft. NOTICE: Never
run the engine in water that is less
than 60 cm (2 ft) deep from the bottom
of the watercraft, otherwise pebbles or
sand could be sucked into the jet in-
take, causing impeller damage and en-
gine overheating.
(3) Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
to your left wrist, and then attach the clip
to the engine shut-off switch. (See page
32 for information on operating the en-
gine shut-off switch.) WARNING! Check
that the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
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