Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

in front of them or to the handgrip provid-
The heavier the total weight of the operator
and passenger(s), the more difficult it will be
to balance the watercraft. Do not operate the
watercraft when the total weight exceeds 240
kg (530 lb) including any cargo.
To board at a standstill:
(1) Board as noted in the previous section
Boarding alone.
(2) Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
to your left wrist, and then attach the clip
to the engine shut-off switch.
(3) Grip the handlebars with both hands and
place both feet on the floor of the footwell.
(4) Have the first passenger move to the rear
of the watercraft.
(5) Have the first passenger board using the
same procedure as the operator, place
their feet on the floor of the footwell, and
securely hold on to the operator.
(6) Have the second passenger follow the
same procedure. When the second pas-
senger is boarding, try to balance the wa-
tercraft together with the first passenger.
(7) Make sure that the passenger(s) have
their feet on the floor of the footwell and
are securely holding on to the person in
front of them or to the handgrip provided.
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