Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
teristics of the watercraft before trying any
difficult maneuvers.
Cruising limitations
Scan constantly for people, objects, and
other watercraft. Be alert for conditions that
limit your visibility or block your vision of
Operate defensively at safe speeds and
keep a safe distance away from people, ob-
jects, and other watercraft.
Do not follow directly behind watercraft or
other boats.
Do not go near others to spray or splash
them with water.
Avoid sharp turns or other maneuvers that
make it hard for others to avoid you or un-
derstand where you are going.
Avoid areas with submerged objects or
shallow water.
Take early action to avoid collisions. Re-
member, watercraft and other boats do not
have brakes.
Do not release the throttle lever when trying
to steer away from objectsyou need throt-
tle to steer. Always check throttle and steer-
ing controls before starting the watercraft.
Ride within your limits and avoid aggressive
maneuvers to reduce the risk of loss of con-
trol, ejection, and collision.
This is a high performance boatnot a toy.
Sharp turns or jumping wakes or waves can
increase the risk of back/spinal injury (pa-
ralysis), facial injuries, and broken legs, an-
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