Garmin GHP 10V Marine Instruments User Manual

16 GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System Installation Instructions
Hydraulic Considerations – Legacy 2.1 L Pump
Different boats have different hydraulic considerations you must examine before mounting the pump or disconnecting any hoses.
Before starting the hydraulic installation, verify the type of hydraulic steering in your boat, and where to install the appropriate type of
If the hydraulic steering of your boat does not match the hydraulic layouts in this manual, contact Garmin Product Support.
Legacy 2.1 L Pump Hydraulic Layout on Single-Helm Boats
Legacy 2.1 L pump (and motor):
Do not use the legacy 2.1 L pump on a system
with an unbalanced cylinder.
Mount the pump horizontally if possible. Do not
mount the pump vertically with the pump end
(hydraulic connections) down.
Shadow Drive:
Mount the Shadow Drive horizontally and as
level as possible.
Install the Shadow Drive in either the port or the
starboard hydraulic line.
Always install a length of hose between the helm
and the Shadow Drive.
Install the Shadow Drive between the pump and
the helm.
Do not install the Shadow Drive directly to the
Do not install the Shadow Drive between the
pump and the cylinder.
Balanced cylinder
Port tting Starboard tting
Legacy 2.1 L
pump (and motor)
Port line
Return line
Starboard line
Shadow Drive
Do not turn the system on until you bleed all the air from the helm, the Shadow Drive, the pump, and all the hydraulic lines.
See page 34.