Garmin GHP 10V Marine Instruments User Manual

20 GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System Installation Instructions
Pump/motor body
Upper ttings
Lower ttings
Pump manifold
To connect the pump to the hydraulic lines:
1. Consult the hydraulic layout diagrams starting on page 9 to nd the correct place to connect the pump to your hydraulic system.
2. Prepare to disconnect the hydraulic lines in your boat as specied by the manufacturer of your boat or steering system.
3. Disconnect the hydraulic lines from the steering system where appropriate.
4. Add additional hose where necessary, and add the included t-connectors in the hydraulic lines.
5. Add hydraulic hose from the t-connectors to the pump, using the included ttings to attach the hose to the pump.
6. Add hydraulic hose from the return connector at the back of the helm to the pump, using the included ttings.
7. Connect the hoses to the upper ttings, the lower ttings, or a combination of both ttings on the pump. Do not connect more than
three hoses to the pump (port, starboard, and return).
8. Insert, tighten, and seal the included plugs in the three unused pump ttings.
9. You will eventually need to bleed the hydraulic system, but not until the Shadow Drive is installed. See page 34 for more
NOTE: The pump may vibrate the hydraulic lines and cause noise when the autopilot is running. To eliminate the noise, tie the
hydraulic lines to a solid surface.
Operating the Shutoff Valve
The 2.0 L and the 1.2 L pumps feature a shutoff valve for troubleshooting and repairing the system. To engage the shutoff valve and
isolate the pump from the hydraulic system, fully tighten the three brass screws near the lower hydraulic connectors. To disengage the
shutoff valve, loosen the three brass screws until they stop.
Brass shutoff
Socket-headed cap screws
Socket-headed cap screws
Do not force the three brass screws past the stopping point when disengaging the shutoff valve. Forcing the screws past the stopping
point may permanently damage the manifold.