Garmin GHP 10V Marine Instruments User Manual

3GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System Installation Instructions
The Shadow Drive
The Shadow Drive is a sensor you install in the hydraulic steering lines of your boat. While the GHP 10
is engaged, the Shadow Drive temporarily disengages the autopilot when you manually take control of
the helm. When you establish a new straight line heading, the Shadow Drive automatically reengages the
Garmin part number: 010-11054-00
Serial number
The GHC 10
Use the GHC 10 to operate the GHP 10 autopilot system. Using the GHC 10, you engage and steer the
GHP 10. You also set up and customize the GHP 10 using the GHC 10. The GHC 10 connects to a NMEA
2000 network to communicate with the CCU and with an optional NMEA 2000-compatible GPS device
(to use waypoint and route information). If a NMEA 2000-compatible GPS device is not available, you
can wire the GHC 10 to an optional NMEA 0183-compatible GPS device instead.
Garmin part number: 010-00688-00
Serial number
Cables and Connectors
The GHP 10 autopilot system contains multiple cables. These cables connect the components to power, to each other, to an alarm, and
to optional devices such as a NMEA 0183-compatible GPS device.
CCU/ECU Interconnect Cable
This cable connects the CCU to the ECU. A portion of this cable contains color-coded wires with bare ends. These wires connect the
CCU to the tachometer of your boat, to the Shadow Drive, and to the alarm. (Garmin part number: 010-11055-00)
The Alarm
The alarm is wired to the CCU and provides audible alerts from the GHP 10. See page 27. (Garmin part number: 010-11056-00)
ECU Power Cable
This cable powers the ECU. Wire this to the battery of your boat as one of the last connections made in the GHP 10 installation.
See page 33. (Garmin part number: 010-11057-00)
GHC 10 NMEA 0183 Data Cable
This cable is included in the GHC 10 box. This cable is used to connect to an optional NMEA 0183-compatible GPS device and to the
Accessory Turn On of the GHP 10. See page 29. (Garmin part number: 320-00023-07)