Garmin GHP 10V Marine Instruments User Manual

22 GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System Installation Instructions
Connecting the Legacy 2.1 L Pump to the Hydraulic Lines
The legacy 2.1 L pump must be isolated from the electrical ground of the boat. Use insulating washers under the pump if it is installed
on an electrically-grounded (metal) surface. Install the washers between the pump bracket and the grounded surface
Before disconnecting any hydraulic lines on your boat, consult the manufacturer of your boat or steering system. You must
know how to properly prepare the hoses for removal, and you must know how to properly bleed the hydraulic system of air when you
complete the connections.
When adding hydraulic hose to the steering system, only use hose with machine-crimped or eld-replaceable ttings that have a
minimum pressure rating of 1,000 lbf/in
Install the legacy 2.1 L pump in-line with the hydraulic steering lines of the boat. The 2.1 L pump does not branch off of the hydraulic
steering lines like the 2.0 L or the 1.2 L pumps. The 2.1 L pump manifold has ve hose-connector ttings, three to the helm (port,
starboard, and return), and two to the cylinder (port and starboard). Do not use Teon tape on any hydraulic tting. Use an
appropriate thread sealant such as Loctite Pro Lock Tight multipurpose anaerobic gel, part number 51604, or equivalent, on all pipe
threads in the hydraulic system.
Helm port
Helm starboard
Cylinder port
Cylinder starboard
Helm return-line
To connect the pump to the hydraulic lines:
1. Consult the hydraulic layout diagrams starting on page 16 to determine the correct place to connect the pump to your hydraulic
2. Prepare to disconnect the hydraulic lines in your boat as specied by the manufacturer of your boat or steering system.
3. Disconnect the hydraulic lines from the steering system where appropriate.
4. Remove the plugs from the ve connectors on the pump.
5. Add hydraulic hose as necessary, and route the hose to the pump.
6. Use the included ttings to attach the hoses to the pump. Use the above diagram to identify the connectors on the pump.
7. Add hydraulic hose from the return connector at the back of the helm to the pump.
8. Connect the hose to the helm and to the return-line connector on the pump using the included ttings.
9. You will eventually need to bleed the hydraulic system, but not until the Shadow Drive is installed. See page 34 for more
NOTE: The pump may vibrate the hydraulic lines and cause noise when the autopilot is running. To eliminate the noise, tie the
hydraulic lines to a solid surface.