Garmin GHP 10V Marine Instruments User Manual

2 GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System Installation Instructions
GHP 10 Package Contents and Tools Needed
The GHP 10 autopilot system consists of multiple components. Familiarize yourself with all of the components before beginning
installation. You must know how the components operate together in order to correctly plan the installation on your boat.
As you familiarize yourself with the GHP 10 components, conrm that your package includes the following items. All the
components, except the hydraulic pump, are included in the GHP 10 core box. The pump is packaged separately. If any parts are
missing, contact your Garmin dealer immediately.
The Main Components
The GHP 10 autopilot system consists of ve main components: the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the Course Computer Unit
(CCU), a hydraulic pump, the Shadow Drive
, and the GHC
10 user control interface.
The Course Computer Unit (CCU)
The CCU acts as the “brain” of the GHP 10. The CCU contains the sensory equipment used to determine
heading and engine speed. The CCU connects to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), to the GHC 10, and
to the tachometer of your boat with a single cable. The CCU also connects to a NMEA 2000
network to
communicate with the GHC 10, and to an optional NMEA 2000-compatible GPS device. See page 32.
Garmin part number: 010-11353-00
Serial number
The Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
The ECU connects to the CCU and to the pump. The ECU controls the pump based on information from
the CCU. The ECU powers both the CCU and the pump.
Garmin part number: 010-11053-00
Serial number
The Hydraulic Pump (and motor)
The hydraulic pump (and motor) steers your boat by interacting with the hydraulic steering system, based on commands you enter
using the GHC 10. The pump is not included in the GHP 10 core package box because the type of pump you use with your GHP 10 is
determined by the size and type of steering system on your boat. The pump is in a separate box.
The 1.2 L/2.0 L pump is designed for use on a balanced-cylinder steering system, but can be adapted for use with an unbalanced-
cylinder steering system.
The compact 2.1 L pump can be adapted for use on either a balanced-cylinder or an unbalanced-cylinder steering system.
The legacy 2.1 L pump can only be used on a balanced-cylinder steering system.
See page 19 for more information on using compatible pumps with unbalanced-cylinder steering systems.
Garmin part numbers: 010-11097-00 (2.0 L pump), 010-11098-00 (1.2 L pump), 010-11099-10 (compact 2.1 L Pump),
and 010-11099-00 (legacy 2.1 L pump - discontinued)
Pump model and serial number
1.2 L/2.0 L Pump1.2 L/2.0 L Pump
Compact 2.1 L PumpCompact 2.1 L Pump
Legacy 2.1 L PumpLegacy 2.1 L Pump