Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

You are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of
your vessel. Your TR-1 Autopilot is a tool that will enhance
your capability to operate your boat and catch sh. It does
not relieve you from the responsibility for safe operation
of your vessel. You must avoid hazards to navigation and
never leave the helm unattended.
In case of autopilot pump failure or leakage, shut the valves located
on the front of the manifold see page 15.
Before proceeding with the installation, read these instructions thoroughly. TR-1 Autopilots cannot accept
responsibility for installations where instructions have not been followed, where substitute parts have been
used, or where modications have been made to our products.
Before starting the hydraulic installation, please verify the type of hydraulic
steering in the boat. If it does not match the hydraulic layouts in this manual,
call technical support for specic installation procedures.