Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

Table of Setup Codes and Values of the Parameters
Description Code Values of the Parameters Factory
Navigation Gain 15 1 lowest gain, 73 highest gain 50
Navigation Trim Gain 16 1 lowest gain, 73 highest gain 49
Code 15 & 16: Most GPS systems only send cross track error across the NMEA 0183 data bus with .01 mile (60
feet) resolution. Unfortunately, they display cross track error to the nearest foot. What this means is, don’t expect the
autopilot to zero the cross track error because the information it has is-that any crosstrack error less than 60 ft. (as seen
on the GPS display) is zero feet. Adjust parameter 15 up until the boat oscillates back and forth near the course line,
then back it down a few clicks. Increase parameter 16 until you can see that standoff from the course line decreases over
Use Magnetic North 17 [Up Arrow] for Mag [Down Arrow] for True Heading MAG
Set North 48 In [Standby] Press and hold GPS [Select Load]- if Up Arrow
LED lights, point boat north-then press and release DM
Use Synthetic XTE 167 [Up Arrow] for on, [Down Arrow] for off On
Code 167: On some GPS’ this code may result in tighter tracking near waypoints.
Use NMEA Checksum 347 [Up Arrow] for on, [Down Arrow] for off On
Code 347: If your GPS calculates checksums wrong, you may still be able to use it with this code turned off. Data
integrity is compromised in this condition.
Use Reversed XTE 18 [Up Arrow] for on, [Down Arrow] for off Off
Code 18: Some GPS’ send the wrong direction to steer with the crosstrack error signal. Use this code to x this
Use GPS 1 GPS 2 34 [Up Arrow] for 2, [Down Arrow] for 1 1
Code 34: This code switches between the two sources of NMEA navigation data used by the autopilot to steer with.
Update rate for HDG out 49 0 (off) to 10 HZ Update Rate 10 HZ
Code 49:
With this code at the bottom of its range (Down Arrow LED on) the autopilot does not transmit $APHDG. With
any settings other than off, the data is transmitted at a rate equal to (1-code 49 setting) HZ. up to a maximum rate of 10 Hz.
Fine Heading Adjust 168 [Up Arrow] increase heading out .1 deg. [Down Arrow] decreases
heading out .1 deg. Note: Very Slow response to buttons.
Description Code Values of the Parameters Factory
Step Turns (Degrees per Step 6 10 Choices/,45,90 Degrees 15
Circle Time 7 10 Choices/,45,90 Minutes 5
Zig-Zag Amplitude (Degree of Turn) 8 10 Choices/5 to 50 degrees by 5’s 30
Zig-Zag Period (Length) 9 20 Choices 1/2 to 10 minutes by 1/2’s 1.5
MOB Overshoot 14 1 Most overshoot command. 40 most undershoot 10
Clover Leaf Length 28 500 to 6,000ft by 100ft increments 1,000
Search Spacing 25 50 to 1,000ft by 50 ft increments 50