Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

Sea Trial Setup: Steps 10-15 will need to be performed on open water, free of obstacles.
10. Calibrate your compass. The autopilot compass is made with a uxgate. Like all compass installations, uxgate installations
are susceptible to local magnetic disturbances that will cause erroneous heading outputs. The autopilot computer can detect and correct
deviations caused by magnets and iron materials around the  uxgate- if the earths’ magnetic  eld near the compass isn’t too distorted. Even
though the compass corrects iron induced errors, don’t expect the correction to solve all ills associated with iron near the compass, placement
of the compass in an iron free area is critical. You should only calibrate the compass on calm water. Stay away from large steel structures.
Calibration will not work right if you try to do calibration with your boat on the trailer because the trailer is made with iron. Find some smooth
water where you can drive in circles without running into anything.
1. Turn System On. Autopilot will be in Standby [STBY Mode]
Step A. Press
and Release
Deckmount Switch
to turn autopilot on.
Deckmount will
begin to  ash
Step B.
will blink for
30 seconds.
2. Press, release and light up the [Setup] LED on the Handheld, and enter code 47 on the handheld.
Step C. When the Autopilot is
done loading the [STBY] LED
will light solid.
Step B. Press and release
[Left Chevron] button
once to illuminate the #4
Step C. Press and re-
lease [Right Chevron]
button once to illumi-
nate the #7 LED.
Step A.
Press and release
[Setup] button once to
illuminate [SETUP] LED.
3. To start Compass calibration.
Step B. Press and
HOLD the
[Select Load]
GPS button.
Step D. Release [Select
Load] button
Step E. The [UP]
arrow LED will light
solid. (Continue driv-
ing in a straight line.)
Step F. Continue to drive
in a straight line and watch
for the [UP ARROW] LED
to start blinking.
Step H. Turn at a rate that makes a full 360
degree turn in about 30 seconds. You will
need to make at least 3 or more full turns.
Keep turning until the [UP ARROW] &
[DOWN ARROW] LED’s both light up.
They will stay lit for about 5 seconds and
the system will completely power down.
Your compass is now calibrated.
Step G. When
the up arrow
starts blinking,
begin turning the
boat to starboard.
Step A. Start driving the
boat in a straight line.
Step C. While holding down
the [Select Load] button. Press
and Release the [Deckmount]
button once quickly.
If Up and Down Arrows both blink continuously, compass calibration has failed - you must turn the system off by holding the
Deckmount On/Off button down in order to try calibration again. Make sure the compass is mounted at least 24” away from
any magnetic material, i.e. radios, speakers etc. Make sure it is orientated in the bracket correctly.