GE EPM 5350 Marine Instruments User Manual

3.8 Relay, Protection and Pulse Output
(This section applies only to the -NL or -NL2 Relay Option.)
3.8.1 EPM 5300P Relay Overview
The EPM 5300P offers dry contact relay output capability. The EPM 5200P only offers KYZ
pulse outputs and cannot be configured to trip contacts on events.
FAIL-SAFE MODE: The EPM 5300P -NL option gives the user an adjustable tripping
bandwidth. The user specifies a range over which functions, such as frequency, phase
relation and voltage, are acceptable. The relay releases during times of normal operation,
and engages when functions are outside specified normal levels. The relay can be
programmed to engage during normal operating conditions, and release outside specified
normal range (particularly when power is lost). This is the fail-safe mode.
HYSTERISIS: The EPM 5300P -NL option also includes adjustable hysterisis. In addition to a
time delay on activating any contact, the user may specify a lower level to release the
relay, rather than releasing after the initial alarm point. This is ideal during load shedding
when an alarm activates at a certain level and the user does not want to turn off the alarm
until a much lower, safer level.
SETABLE DELAYS: After reaching the alarm point, a change in relay status may be delayed
for 255 seconds. The user also has the option of allowing the device to change relay status
without any delay. After the alarm condition passes, the relay can be stopped from
returning to a normal condition for a programmable time. Each delay time is independent
of one another.
AND/OR LOGIC: If several parameters are assigned to one relay, the user can trip the relay
if all functions are out of limit (and programming), or if one function is out of limit (or
programming). For example, if limits on Voltage, Kilowatts, and Phase Imbalance are
programmed and tied to Relay 1, the user can either trip the relay if one function is out of
limit, or if all functions are out of limit.
3.8.2 2 Relays & 1 KYZ Pulse Output -NL OPTION
The EPM 5300P's flexibility accesses a variety of relay options through the Programming
Mode (see programming sections). The relay option package consists of three relays: two
can be dedicated to alarm or controlled through communication (or both) and one for KYZ
pulse output.
If the relays are controlled through communication, there are two different modes:
Lock ON: Relay will not be affected by any alarm condition.
Lock OFF: Relay will not be affected by any alarm condition.
If the relays are used for communication and alarm, there are four different modes:
Lock ON: Relay stays on regardless of any alarm condition.
Lock OFF: Relay stays off regardless of any alarm condition.
Free ON: Relay turns on unless other conditions force it off.
Free OFF: Relay turns off unless other conditions force it on.