Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

Pump Unit: The Pump unit will need to be mounted within 20” of the ECU. We reccommend that it be mounted in a horizontal
position, preferably  oor mounted to a solid surface. Do not install the pump vertically with the pump head down. (Air
will be trapped in pump head) Do not lengthen or splice the #5 wire or the orange and black power wires. Do not use
Te on tape on any hydraulic  tting, but for a leak free hydraulic system, we do advise you to use an appropriate thread
sealant such as Loctite “Pro Lock” multipurpose anaerobic gel, part number 51604 or equivalent on all pipe threads in
the hydraulic system. The Pump connects to #5 at the ECU and the orange and black wires connect to orange and black
wire connection at the ECU. Please See page 18
Note: This piston pump may cause the hydraulic lines to vibrate as  uid  ows through them. This may cause
noise when the autopilot is running. Tying down the hydraulic lines to a solid surface will help eliminate this
To reduce pump noise while the autopilot is running, use of a vibration isolation mounting pad is suggested.
Mounting Template:
Use the mounting template you received with your unit. It will allow you to pre-drill the holes
you will need to mount the Hydraulic pump unit.
Pump Head Up
Wall Mounted
Correct Mounting Position
Installation Of Pump Unit