Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

The shadow drive valve must be mounted in a
level horizontal position using the cable ties
& mounts with screws included in installation
pack It should be mounted in-line between
the helm and the hydraulic pump and motor.
It must be mounted lower than the helm, but
higher than the pump.
Electrical Connections:
Connect the red and black wires from the Shadow Drive Valve
to the Brown and Green wires located at the Compass Ball. See
page 8. Use the blue connectors in the accessory pack to make
those connections. See Fig 18-20 for instructions on blue
connectors. (Page 19).The wires can be extended using 18-22
gauge wire.
Shadow Drive Valve/Sensor: The Shadow Drive is an electronic bi-directional valve. Install it as shown in the system
layout.Install it horizontally, as level as possible, and mount the valve lower than the helm. Avoid any loops in the
hydraulic lines, air may get trapped and cause the autopilot not to work properly. It needs to be mounted closer to
the helm than to the pump unit.
Do Not mount the Shadow Drive Valve within 12” of any magnetic interference such as speakers or pump motors.
Do Not Install valve directly to the  ttings at the back of the helm, it will damage the helm. Be sure to install a length of
hose between the  tting at the helm and the Shadow Drive valve. TR-1 recommends a length of hose between Shadow Drive
and any Tee. In a single helm installation, do not place a tee in the line between the helm and Shadow Drive Valve.
This is very important for the Shadow Drive feature to work correctly. Air can and will get trapped in the valve during
installation and bleeding. It’s very important to get all the air out of the Hydraulic Lines, Helms, Pump, Cylinder(s) and
The Shadow Drive valve.
Do Not Install the Shadow Drive in the return or compensating line.
Do Not use te on tape on hydraulic  ttings. However, for a leak free hydraulic system,
we do advise you to use an appropriate thread sealant such as, Loctite “Pro Lock”
multipurpose anacrobic gel, part number 51604, or equivalent on all pipe threads.
To pump &
To Helm
(Close up view)
Shadow Drive
# 4
Installation Of Shadow Drive Valve (Single Helm Station)
Return line
*Shadow Drive
P= Port
R= Return
S= Starboard
Port Fitting
Starboard Fitting
Pump &