Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

NMEA 0183 Connections
The Autopilot does not need to connect to a GPS for the autopilot to work, but if you want to use waypoint steering
you must connect to a GPS and set North see page 32. The Autopilot will accept NMEA input from two GPS
units and transmit NMEA to one receiving device. Only one of the GPS inputs is used for steering control at a
time. Selection of the controlling GPS is made through the NMEA source selection [code 34] (see pages 36-38 for
explanation of setup codes). The NMEA output port transmits the NMEA sentence $APHDG at 4800 baud. The
output refresh rate is selectable via [code 49] from 0 to 10 Hz. The Autopilot requires the data sentences RMC and
RMB to be on.
The NMEA conductors are in the cable stub at the base of the Compass Ball. (See Labels on Wires for
Identi cation) The wire color codes and signal names are shown in the wiring diagram below.
You must calibrate the compass ball and set North during Sea Trial of autopilot for it to work correctly.
Note: If you are using Radar Overlay, you may need to adjust code 168 in order for your overlay to line up correctly.
See pages 38-41 for a GPS Connection Guide.
The chart is a guide only and is to help you with your GPS connections and
should not be used as factual information. Please check your GPS manual for veri cation of NMEA 0183 connections on
your application. This is not a compatibility chart, but most all GPS units are compatible with the TR-1 Gladiator.
Twist wires together. (Fig 18) Slide the blue connectors over the wires (Fig 19) and crimp using pliers as in Fig
20. Be careful not to smash the connectors too hard, it will cut the wires.
Fig. 19
Blue Connectors (for connecting wires from the Shadow Drive, Warning Horn and GPS)
Fig. 18
Fig. 20
*Refer to your speci c
electronics manual for
color codes
Red ( +)
Black (- )
Green (GND)
Yellow ( + )
White ( - )
Blue ( + )
Brown ( - )
NMEA In # 1
NMEA In # 2
Chart Plotter
Radar Overlay
GPS #1
NMEA out*
GPS #2
Not normally
Wire Connectors
( + )
( + )
( + )
( - )
( - )
( - )
To ECU #4 Connector
To Shadow Drive
and Warning Horn
Note: For non-compliant NMEA 0183
devices, please read page 20