Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

Each keypad transmitter transmits its own unique identication code when a button is pressed. The receiver
computer must be programmed to recognize your transmitter. Program the receiver/transmitter pair by:
1) Turn the TR-1 Autopilot on.
2) Watch the LED on the receiver box, when it starts blinking-press any button on the wireless keypad until the
LED stops blinking.
You will need to do this (once) anytime you change keypads.
Inside the back cover of your keypad is written a 3 Character code. This code is the security code that your
receiver has been trained to respond to. If you would like to keep this code, tell the TR-1 Dealer the code
digits when you order your new keypad. If you do not care about the code, you will be sent a keypad with a
randomly assigned code. You can, of course, reprogram your receiver to recognize the new keypad when you
take it to your boat.
When the remote control system starts to respond erratically, the keypad remote may need battery replacement.
The wireless remote keypad is powered by a CR-2032 Button Lithium Cell Battery.
To access the battery for replacement, gently pry apart the two halves
of the keypad at the seam (ngernails will do for this) Once the unit
is open, remove the battery by sliding the battery out from beneath
the retainer. Replace with the same type of battery.
The wireless remote keypad is not waterproof. Do not expose
the remote to rain or water spray. Water in the remote will
cause it to malfunction. In the event the remote does get
wet, remove the battery from the remote immediately. If the
remote is subject to salt-water incursion, remove the battery
and gently rinse the disassembled unit with clean alcohol
and let it dry out before re-assembly and reuse.
Security Codes
Replacement Remote Keypads
Changing Batteries