Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

14. Set North. This needs to be done if any GPS or radar overlay functions are going to be used.
To run a GPS course requires that the autopilot compass is in agreement with the GPS’s magnetic map. You need to set North
with the pilot in standby mode. Setting North may require a signi cant amount of clear sea space in front of your boat (at least
1/2 to 3/4 of a mile).
Verify that the NMEA connections for the GPS are functioning. Turn on the GPS. With the Autopilot in [Standby], press and release
[Setup] button on the handheld. Press and light up the number 4 and the number 8 LED’s [Code 48]. If the [up arrow] LED lights when
you hold down the [Select Load] (GPS) button, the autopilot does not acknowledge the validity of the GPS data.
Step A. With the system in [STBY]
Step E. Run your boat at
planing speed at a
constant heading. You will
need at least 1/2 mile of haz-
ard free water in front of you.
Step C. Press and release [left chev-
ron] button one time to illuminate
the #4 LED.
Step D. Press and release
the [Right Chevron] button
TWO times to illuminate
the #8 LED.
(You have now
selected code 48)
Step F. Press and HOLD the
GPS [Select Load] button. The
Load LED will illuminate.
Step G. While holding down
the [Select Load] button. Press
and Release the [Deckmount]
button quickly.
Step H. Release the [Select Load] button, after [Load] LED diminishes.
The system will power down after North is set.
Step B. Press and release [Setup]
button once to illuminate (left) LED
With The GPS Connected to Autopilot:
Set North