Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
boating laws also require that the fire extin-
guisher be approved by the USCG.
Recommended equipment
The following items should be carried on
board your watercraft:
Sound-signaling device
You should carry a whistle or other sound-
signaling device that can be used to signal
other boats. See Rules of the Road for
more information.
Visual distress signals
It is recommended that a U.S. Coast Guard
approved pyrotechnic device be stored in a
waterproof container on your watercraft. A
mirror can also be used as an emergency
signal. Contact a Yamaha dealer or the
U.S. Coast Guard for more information.
A watch is helpful so you will know how long
you have been operating the watercraft.
A towline can be used to tow a disabled wa-
tercraft in an emergency.
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