Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Pre-operation checks
the dipstick attached to the oil tank filler cap.
(See page 51 for information on checking the
engine oil level.)
Bilge water check
Make sure that no bilge water has collected in
the engine compartment. If bilge water has
collected in the engine compartment, drain it.
(See page 53 for information on draining the
bilge water.)
Battery checks
Make sure that the battery terminals and
breather hose are not damaged and that the
battery leads and breather hose are connect-
ed properly. WARNING! Fire or explosion
could result if the breather hose is dam-
aged, obstructed, or not connected prop-
Make sure that the electrolyte level is be-
tween the minimum and maximum level
marks. WARNING! Never operate the wa-
tercraft if the battery does not have suffi-
cient power to start the engine or if it
shows any other signs of decreased pow-
er. Loss of battery power may leave you
Make sure that the battery is securely held in
Steering system checks
Turn the handlebars to the right and left sev-
eral times to make sure that operation is
smooth and unrestricted throughout the
1 Oil tank filler cap/Dipstick
1 Dipstick
2 Maximum level mark
3 Minimum level mark
21 3
1 Negative () battery terminal: Black lead
2 Positive (+) battery terminal: Red lead
3 Breather hose
1 Maximum level mark
2 Minimum level mark
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