Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Watercraft glossary
Trolling speed
Trolling is the lowest maneuvering speed. You are applying little or no throttle. The watercraft
is down in the water, and there is no wake.
Sub-planing speed
Sub-planing is a medium speed. The bow of the watercraft is slightly up from the water sur-
face, but you are still traveling through the water. There is a wake.
Planing speed
Planing is a faster speed. The watercraft is more level and is skimming on top of the water.
There is a wake.
The front end of the watercraft.
The rear end of the watercraft.
The right side of the watercraft when facing forward.
The left side of the watercraft when facing forward.
Bilge water
Water that has collected in the engine compartment.
Yamaha Engine Management System (YEMS)
YEMS is an integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts ignition
timing, fuel injection, engine diagnostics, and the off-throttle steering (OTS) system.
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