Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

First-time operation
Engine break-in
Failure to perform the engine break-in
could result in reduced engine life or even
severe engine damage.
The engine break-in is essential to allow the
various components of the engine to wear
and polish themselves to the correct operat-
ing clearances. This ensures proper perfor-
mance and promotes longer component life.
To perform the engine break-in:
(1) Check the engine oil level. (See page 51
for information on checking the engine oil
(2) Launch the watercraft and start the en-
gine. (See page 66 for information on
starting the engine.)
(3) For the first 5 minutes, operate with the
engine at idling speed.
(4) For the next 30 minutes, operate with the
engine speed below 5000 r/min.
(5) For the next 1 hour, operate with the en-
gine speed below 6500 r/min.
After the engine break-in is complete, the wa-
tercraft can be operated normally.
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