Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Operation and handling requirements
Draining the bilge water
Do not run the engine at full throttle when
bilge water remains in the engine compart-
ment. The bilge water can splash into the
engine, which can result in severe dam-
Draining the bilge water on land
To drain the bilge water on land:
(1) Loosen the stern drain plugs and remove
(2) Raise the bow of the watercraft, such as
by placing the watercraft on a slope, to
drain the bilge water from the engine
(3) After the bilge water has drained from the
stern drain plug holes, wipe up any re-
maining moisture in the engine compart-
ment with a dry cloth.
(4) Securely install the stern drain plugs by
tightening them until they stop. NOTICE:
Before installing the stern drain plugs,
clean the drain plug threads to remove
any foreign materials, such as dirt or
sand. Otherwise, the stern drain plugs
could be damaged, allowing water to
enter the engine compartment. Make
sure that the stern drain plugs are
tightened securely before launching
the watercraft. Otherwise, water may
flood the engine compartment and
cause the watercraft to submerge.
Draining the bilge water on water
A small quantity of bilge water will remain in
the engine compartment even after the bilge
water is drained on water. To completely drain
the bilge water, remove the watercraft from
the water and drain the bilge water on land.
Jet vacuum bilge draining system
While the watercraft is operating, bilge water
in the engine compartment is drawn in by the
vacuum that is generated in the jet pump and
discharged from the watercraft through the jet
thrust nozzle.
To drain the bilge water on water:
Operate the watercraft as straight as possible
and above planing speed for at least 2 min-
utes. NOTICE: Do not run the engine at full
throttle for at least 1 minute after the en-
gine has been restarted. Bilge water in the
engine compartment can splash into the
1 Stern drain plug
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