Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Pre-operation checks
Hood check
Push down on the rear of the hood and make
sure that it is securely closed.
Post-launch checks
Perform the post-launch checks in the pre-op-
eration checklist while the watercraft is in the
water and the engine is running.
To perform the post-launch checks:
(1) Launch the watercraft. (See page 66 for
information on launching the watercraft.)
(2) Perform the checks and make sure that
there are no malfunctioning items or oth-
er problems.
Cooling water pilot outlet check
Make sure that water is discharged from the
cooling water pilot outlet while the engine is
running. (See page 34 for information on the
cooling water pilot outlet.)
Multifunction information center check
Make sure that the multifunction information
center operates properly. (See page 39 for in-
formation on proper operation of the multi-
function information center.)
Engine idling speed check
Start the engine and warm it up. Use the ta-
chometer in the multifunction information cen-
ter to make sure that the engine idling speed
is not significantly above or below the speci-
fied range.
Engine idling speed:
1650 ±50 r/min
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