Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

throttle lever is in the fully closed (idle) posi-
VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser:
When the shift lever is in the forward position
and the engine is running, the watercraft will
move forward. The watercraft will move for-
ward at trolling speed even if the throttle lever
is in the fully closed (idle) position. (See page
36 for information on operating the shift lever.)
Turning the watercraft
Do not release the throttle lever when
trying to steer away from objectsyou
need throttle to steer. A collision could
result in severe injury or death.
When operating at higher speeds, make
gradual turns or slow down before turn-
ing. Sharp high-speed turns may cause
the watercraft to slide sideways or spin,
throwing the operator and passenger(s)
overboard, which could cause an injury.
Steering control depends on the combination
of handlebar position and the amount of throt-
Water sucked in through the intake grate is
pressurized by the impeller in the jet pump. As
the pressurized water is expelled from the
pump through the jet thrust nozzle, it creates
thrust to move and steer the watercraft. The
higher the engine speed, the more thrust pro-
The amount of jet thrust, in addition to the po-
sition of the handlebars, determines how
sharply you turn.
A. More throttle produces higher thrust, so
the watercraft will turn more sharply.
1 Shift lever
2 Forward position
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