Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

run the engine in water that is less than 60
cm (2 ft) deep from the bottom of the wa-
tercraft, otherwise pebbles or sand could
be sucked into the jet intake, causing im-
peller damage and engine overheating.
VX Cruiser: This watercraft is equipped with a
reboarding step, which can be lowered and
used to assist in reboarding. (See page 45 for
information on operating the reboarding step.)
Boarding alone
(1) From the rear of the watercraft, place
both hands on the boarding platform, pull
yourself up, and then grasp the handgrip
with one hand.
(2) Pull yourself up to a kneeling position on
the boarding platform, and then move to
the seat and sit astride.
(3) Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
to your left wrist, and then attach the clip
to the engine shut-off switch.
(4) Grip the handlebars with both hands and
place both feet on the floor of the footwell.
(5) Look in all directions, start the engine,
and then start off slowly.
Boarding with passenger(s)
Severe internal injuries can occur if water
is forced into body cavities as a result of
being near the jet thrust nozzle. Do not ap-
ply throttle until the passengers are seated
with their feet on the floor of the footwell
and are securely holding on to the person
60 cm (2 ft)
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