Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Control function operation
Since the strength of the jet thrust determines
the speed and degree of a turn, throttle must
always be applied when attempting a turn, ex-
cept at trolling speed.
This model is equipped with the Yamaha En-
gine Management System (YEMS) that in-
cludes an off-throttle steering (OTS) system.
It will activate at planing speeds should you
attempt to steer the watercraft after releasing
the throttle lever. The OTS system assists in
turning by continuing to supply some thrust
while the watercraft is decelerating, but you
can turn more sharply if you apply throttle
while turning the handlebars. The OTS sys-
tem does not function below planing speeds
or when the engine is off. Once the engine
slows down, the watercraft will no longer turn
in response to handlebar input until you apply
throttle again or you reach trolling speed.
Cooling water pilot outlet
When the engine is running, some of the cool-
ing water that is circulated in the engine is dis-
charged from the cooling water pilot outlet.
There is a cooling water pilot outlet on the port
(left) side of the watercraft. To check for prop-
er operation of the cooling system, make sure
that water is being discharged from the cool-
ing water pilot outlet. If water is not being dis-
charged from the outlet, stop the engine and
check the jet intake for clogging. (See page
90 for information on the jet intake.)
It will take about 60 seconds for the water to
reach the outlet after the engine is started.
Water discharge may not be constant when
the engine is running at idling speed. If this
occurs, apply a little throttle to make sure
that water discharges properly.
Water separator
The water separator prevents water from en-
tering the fuel tank by collecting any water that
has entered the fuel tank breather hose if the
watercraft was capsized.
If water has collected in the water separator,
drain it by loosening the drain screw.
1 Cooling water pilot outlet
1 Water separator
1 Drain screw
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