Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Pre-operation checks
Fire extinguisher check
Check that there is a full fire extinguisher on
To check the fire extinguisher, see the instruc-
tions supplied by the fire extinguisher manu-
facturer. Always keep the fire extinguisher
secured in the holder with its cover in place.
Always carry a fire extinguisher on board. A
fire extinguisher is not standard equipment
with this watercraft. If you do not have one,
contact a Yamaha dealer or a fire extinguisher
dealer to obtain one meeting the proper spec-
Safety equipment check
Check that safety equipment meeting the ap-
plicable regulations is on board.
Hull and deck check
Check the hull and deck for damage or other
Jet intake checks
Make sure that the jet intake is not damaged
or clogged with weeds or debris. If the jet in-
take is clogged, clean it. (See page 90 for in-
formation on the jet intake.)
Stern drain plug checks
Loosen the stern drain plugs and remove
them, and then make sure that the plugs are
not damaged and that there is no foreign ma-
terial on the threads. NOTICE: Before in-
stalling the stern drain plugs, clean the
drain plug threads to remove any foreign
materials, such as dirt or sand. Otherwise,
the stern drain plugs could be damaged,
allowing water to enter the engine com-
partment. Make sure that the stern drain
plugs are tightened securely before
launching the watercraft. Otherwise, water
may flood the engine compartment and
cause the watercraft to submerge.
Securely install the stern drain plugs by tight-
ening them until they stop.
Fire extinguisher:
2 lb or more
1 Stern drain plug
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