Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

soon as the throttle lever is released, but will
coast for a distance before fully stopping. If
you are not sure you can stop in time before
hitting an obstacle, apply throttle and turn in
another direction.
Allow adequate stopping distance.
Take early action to avoid collisions. Re-
member, watercraft and other boats do
not have brakes.
Operate defensively at safe speeds and
keep a safe distance away from people,
objects, and other watercraft to give you
time to stop.
Do not shut the engine off when slowing
down in case you need engine power to
steer away from a boat or other obstacle
that comes into your path.
VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser: Do not use the
reverse function to slow down or stop
the watercraft as it could cause you to
lose control, be ejected, or impact the
Operating the watercraft in reverse
(VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser)
Pull the shift lever rearward to the reverse po-
sition. The watercraft will move in reverse.
(See page 36 for information on the reverse
Make sure that there are no obstacles or peo-
ple behind you before shifting into reverse.
Boarding the watercraft
Be sure the operator and any passengers
have practiced boarding from the water
while still close to shore before riding. A
person who has made many unsuccessful
attempts to get back on the watercraft may
become fatigued and suffer from expo-
sure, increasing the risk of injury and
Board the watercraft in water free from weeds
and debris and at least 60 cm (2 ft) deep from
the bottom of the watercraft. NOTICE: Never
1 Shift lever
2 Reverse position
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