Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Control function operation
in 5 seconds, release the start switch, wait 15
seconds, and then try again. NOTICE: Never
push the start switch while the engine is
running. Do not operate the start switch
for more than 5 seconds, otherwise the
battery will be discharged and the engine
will not start. Also, the starter motor could
be damaged.
The engine will not start under any of the fol-
lowing conditions:
Clip is removed from the engine shut-off
Throttle lever is squeezed.
VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser: Lock mode of the
Yamaha Security System has been select-
ed. (See page 31 for Yamaha Security Sys-
tem setting procedures.)
Throttle lever
The throttle lever increases the engine speed
when the lever is squeezed.
The throttle lever returns automatically to its
fully closed (idle) position when released.
Steering system
By turning the handlebars in the direction you
wish to travel, the angle of the jet thrust nozzle
is changed, and the direction of the watercraft
is changed accordingly.
1 Start switch
1 Throttle lever
1 Handlebar
2 Jet thrust nozzle
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