Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Important manual information
To the owner/operator
Thank you for choosing a Yamaha watercraft.
This owner’s/operator’s manual contains in-
formation you will need for proper operation,
maintenance, and care. A thorough under-
standing of these simple instructions will help
you to obtain maximum enjoyment from your
new Yamaha. If you have any questions
about the operation or maintenance of your
watercraft, please consult a Yamaha dealer.
In this manual, information of particular impor-
tance is distinguished in the following ways:
This is the safety alert symbol. It is used
to alert you to potential personal injury haz-
ards. Obey all safety messages that follow
this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.
A WARNING indicates a hazardous situa-
tion which, if not avoided, could result in
death or serious injury.
A NOTICE indicates special precautions
that must be taken to avoid damage to the
watercraft or other property.
A TIP provides key information to make pro-
cedures easier or clearer.
Because Yamaha has a policy of continuing
product improvement, this product may not be
exactly as described in this owner’s/opera-
tor’s manual. Specifications are subject to
change without notice.
This manual should be considered a perma-
nent part of this watercraft and should remain
with it even if the watercraft is subsequently
WaveRunner VX Sport / VX Deluxe /
VX Cruiser
©2009 by Yamaha Motor Corporation,
1st Edition, September 2009
All rights reserved.
Any reprinting or unauthorized use
without the written permission of
Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
is expressly prohibited.
Printed in U.S.A.
P/N LIT-18626-08-71
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