Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
tercraft as it could cause you to lose control,
be ejected, or impact the handlebars.
This could increase the risk of back/spinal
injury (paralysis), facial injuries, and broken
legs, ankles, and other bones. You could
also damage the shift mechanism.
VX Deluxe / VX Cruiser: Reverse can be
used to slow down or stop during slow-
speed maneuvering, such as when dock-
ing. Once the engine is idling, shift into re-
verse and gradually increase engine speed.
Make sure that there are no obstacles or
people behind you before shifting into re-
Keep away from the intake grate while the
engine is on. Items such as long hair, loose
clothing, or PFD straps can become entan-
gled in moving parts, resulting in severe in-
jury or drowning.
Never insert any object into the jet thrust
nozzle while the engine is running. Severe
injury or death could result from coming in
contact with the rotating parts of the jet
Stop the engine and remove the clip from
the engine shut-off switch before removing
any debris or weeds, which may have col-
lected around the jet intake.
1 Intake grate
2 Jet thrust nozzle
1 Clip
2 Engine shut-off switch
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