Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

remove the clip from the engine shut-off
Do not put your hands in the intake
If the watercraft capsizes, turn it over immedi-
To upright the watercraft:
(1) Remove the clip from the engine shut-off
(2) Swim to the rear of the watercraft. Turn
the watercraft over clockwise by pulling
on the ride plate with your left hand while
pushing down on the gunwale with your
right hand or foot.
If the port (left) side of the capsized wa-
tercraft is tilting up, push down on the
gunwale so that the port (left) side is
down before turning the watercraft clock-
wise. NOTICE: Do not turn the water-
craft over counterclockwise,
otherwise water can enter the engine,
which can result in severe damage.
(3) Start the engine and operate the water-
craft at planing speed to drain the bilge
water from the engine compartment.
(See page 53 for information on draining
the bilge water. If the engine does not
start, see Towing the watercraft on
page 93 or Submerged watercraft on
page 93.) NOTICE: Do not run the en-
gine at full throttle for at least 1 minute
after the engine has been restarted.
Bilge water in the engine compart-
ment can splash into the engine,
which can result in severe damage.
Beaching and docking the watercraft
To beach the watercraft:
(1) Make sure that there are no boats, swim-
mers, or obstacles near the beach.
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