Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Care and storage
Post-operation care
Always place the watercraft upright in a
horizontal position when storing it, other-
wise fuel could leak out into the engine or
engine compartment, which could create a
fire hazard.
After using the watercraft, always take it out of
the water, clean it, and store it. Leaving the
watercraft in the water for extended periods
will accelerate the rate of normal deterioration
of the jet pump and hull. Marine organisms
and corrosion are some of the conditions that
can shorten the life of many watercraft com-
Flushing the cooling water passages
Do not run the engine over 4000 r/min on
land. Also, do not run the engine for more
than 15 seconds without supplying water,
otherwise the engine could overheat.
Flush the cooling water passages to prevent
them from clogging with salt, sand, or dirt.
(1) Place the watercraft in a horizontal posi-
(2) Remove the seat. (See page 44 for seat
removal and installation procedures.)
(3) Connect the garden hose adapter to a
garden hose.
(4) Loosen the flushing hose connector cap
and remove it. Insert the garden hose
adapter into the flushing hose connector
and turn it until it is securely connected.
(5) Connect the garden hose to a water tap.
(6) Make sure that the area around the wa-
tercraft is clear, and then start the engine.
Immediately after the engine starts, fully
turn the water supply on so that water
1 Garden hose adapter
1 Garden hose adapter
2 Flushing hose connector
3 Flushing hose connector cap
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