Yamaha VX Sport Jet Ski User Manual

Operation and handling requirements
Fuel requirements
Gasoline and gasoline vapors are ex-
tremely flammable. To avoid fires and
explosions and to reduce the risk of in-
jury when refueling, follow these in-
Gasoline is poisonous and can cause in-
jury or death. Handle gasoline with care.
Never siphon gasoline by mouth. If you
should swallow some gasoline, inhale a
lot of gasoline vapor, or get some gaso-
line in your eyes, see your doctor imme-
diately. If gasoline spills on your skin,
wash with soap and water. If gasoline
spills on your clothing, change your
Do not use leaded gasoline. Leaded gas-
oline can seriously damage the engine.
Avoid getting water and contaminants in
the fuel tank. Contaminated fuel can
cause poor performance and engine
damage. Use only fresh gasoline that
has been stored in clean containers.
There are two types of gasohol: gasohol con-
taining ethanol and that containing methanol.
Gasohol containing ethanol can be used if
ethanol content does not exceed 10% and the
fuel meets the minimum octane ratings. E-85
is a fuel blend containing 85% ethanol and
therefore must not be used in this watercraft.
All ethanol blends containing more than 10%
ethanol can cause fuel system damage or en-
gine performance problems.
Yamaha does not recommend gasohol con-
taining methanol because it can cause fuel
system damage and engine performance
To fill the fuel tank:
(1) Before refueling, stop the engine. Do not
stand or sit on the watercraft. Never refu-
el while smoking, or while in the vicinity of
sparks, open flames, or other sources of
(2) Place the watercraft in a well-ventilated
area and in a horizontal position.
(3) Remove the seat, and then check the fuel
level. (See page 44 for seat removal and
installation procedures.)
(4) Loosen the fuel filler cap and remove it.
(5) Slowly add fuel to the fuel tank.
Recommended fuel:
Regular unleaded gasoline with a
minimum octane rating of
(Pump octane number) = (R + M)/2
90 (Research octane number)
1 Fuel filler cap
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