Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
Hazard information
When transporting or storing your water-
craft, always turn the fuel cock knob to
OFF, otherwise gasoline may overflow
from the carburetor.
Never start the engine or let it run for any
length of time in an enclosed area. Exhaust
fumes contain carbon monoxide, a color-
less, odorless gas that may cause loss of
consciousness and death within a short
time. Always operate the watercraft in an
open area.
Watercraft characteristics
Jet thrust turns the watercraft. Releasing
the throttle lever completely produces only
minimum thrust. If you are traveling at
speeds above trolling, you will have rapidly
decreasing ability to steer without throttle.
You may still have some turning ability im-
mediately after releasing the throttle lever,
but once the engine slows down, the water-
craft will no longer respond to handlebar in-
put until you apply throttle again or you
reach trolling speed.
Practice turning in an open area without ob-
stacles until you have a good feel for this
This watercraft is water-jet propelled. The
jet pump is directly connected to the engine.
This means that jet thrust will produce some
movement whenever the engine is running.
There is no neutral position.
Keep away from the intake grate while the
engine is on. Items such as long hair, loose
clothing, or PFD straps can become entan-
gled in moving parts, resulting in severe in-
jury or drowning.
Never insert any object into the jet thrust
nozzle while the engine is running. Severe
injury or death could result from coming in
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