Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Control function operation
will not start. Also, the starter motor could
be damaged.
The engine will not start when the clip is re-
moved from the engine shut-off switch.
Throttle lever
The throttle lever increases the engine speed
when the lever is squeezed.
The throttle lever returns automatically to its
fully closed (idle) position when released.
Steering system
By turning the handlebars in the direction you
wish to travel, the angle of the jet thrust nozzle
is changed, and the direction of the watercraft
is changed accordingly.
Since the strength of the jet thrust determines
the speed and degree of a turn, throttle must
always be applied when attempting a turn, ex-
cept at trolling speed.
The angle of the jet thrust nozzle can be ad-
justed to suit operator preference. (See page
61 for adjustment procedures.)
Steering pole
The steering pole can be moved up or down
to change the height of the handlebars.
Fuel cock knob
The fuel supply method can be switched by
operating the fuel cock knob.
1 Start switch
1 Throttle lever
1 Handlebar
2 Jet thrust nozzle
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