Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Control function operation
Watercraft control functions
Engine stop switch “”
The engine stop switch (red button) stops the
engine when the switch is pushed.
Engine shut-off switch “”
The engine shut-off switch automatically
stops the engine when the clip, on the end of
the engine shut-off cord (lanyard), is removed
from the switch, such as if the operator falls off
the watercraft.
Insert the clip under the engine shut-off switch
before starting the engine.
When the engine is not running, remove the
clip from the engine shut-off switch to prevent
accidental starting or unauthorized operation
by children or others.
Start switch “”
Do not run the engine for more than 15
seconds on land without supplying water,
otherwise the engine could overheat.
The start switch (green button) starts the en-
gine when the switch is pushed.
Release the start switch as soon as the en-
gine starts to run. If the engine does not start
in 5 seconds, release the start switch, wait 15
seconds, and then try again. NOTICE: Never
push the start switch while the engine is
running. Do not operate the start switch
for more than 5 seconds, otherwise the
battery will be discharged and the engine
1 Engine stop switch
1 Clip
2 Engine shut-off switch
3 Engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
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