Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Periodic checks and lubrication will keep your
watercraft in the safest and most efficient con-
dition possible. Therefore, make sure to carry
out the periodic maintenance. Safety is an ob-
ligation of the watercraft owner. Proper main-
tenance must be carried out to keep the
exhaust emission and sound levels within the
regulated limits. The most important points of
watercraft inspection and lubrication are ex-
plained on the following pages.
See a Yamaha dealer for genuine Yamaha re-
placement parts and optional accessories de-
signed for your watercraft.
Remember, failures that are the result of the
installation of parts or accessories which are
not qualitatively equivalent to genuine
Yamaha parts are not covered by the limited
Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the
emission control devices and system may
be performed by any marine SI engine re-
pair establishment or individual. Warranty
repair, however, must be performed at an
authorized Yamaha marine dealership.
Be sure to turn off the engine when you
perform maintenance unless otherwise
specified. If you are not familiar with ma-
chine servicing, this work should be done
by a Yamaha dealer or other qualified me-
A service manual is available for purchase
through a Yamaha dealer for owners who
have the mechanical skills, tools, and other
equipment necessary to perform mainte-
nance not covered by this owners/operators
Tool kit
A tool kit is included with this watercraft. Place
the tool kit in a waterproof bag and always
carry it with you whenever you use the water-
Adjusting the steering friction
The amount of friction in the steering can be
adjusted to suit operator preference.
To adjust the steering friction:
(1) Lift the steering pole and support it with
the lock pin.
1 Tool bag
2 Screwdriver
3 10/12 mm box wrench
4 Spark plug (one included for each cylinder)
5 14/21 mm box wrench
6 Pliers
7 Open-end wrench
1 Steering pole
2 Lock pin
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