Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Equipment operation
(2) Unfasten the bands, and then remove the
storage pouch.
To install the storage pouch:
(1) Bend the owners/operators manual
slightly to insert it into the storage pouch,
and then add the tool kit and any other
small items. Fold the pouch, and then
wrap the strap around it.
(2) Install the storage pouch on the hood and
secure it with the bands.
(3) Install the hood in its original position.
Fire extinguisher container
The fire extinguisher container is located on
the hood.
To open the fire extinguisher container:
(1) Lift the steering pole and support it with
the lock pin.
(2) Grasp the tab, pull the band to the rear,
and then pull it up.
(3) Lift the fire extinguisher container about
30 degrees from the storage position.
NOTICE: Do not force the fire extin-
guisher container up more than 30 de-
grees from the storage position,
otherwise the container and hood
could be damaged.
1 Storage pouch
2 Band
1 Strap
1 Steering pole
2 Lock pin
1 Fire extinguisher container
2 Ta b
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