Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Care and storage
(4) Unhook the battery bands, and then re-
move the battery from the watercraft.
Checking the battery
Make sure that the battery case is not dam-
Make sure that the battery terminals are not
corroded or damaged.
Make sure that the breather hose is not
clogged or damaged.
Checking the electrolyte level
Make sure that the electrolyte level is be-
tween the maximum and minimum level
If the electrolyte level is low, add distilled wa-
ter to raise it to the specified level. NOTICE:
Use only distilled water for replenishing
the battery, otherwise battery life could be
If distilled water was added, check the battery
It is recommended to have a Yamaha dealer
check the battery voltage and charge the bat-
tery. If you charge the battery yourself, be
sure to read and follow the instructions provid-
ed with the battery tester and charger you
use. NOTICE: Do not attempt to charge a
battery hastily. Battery life could be short-
Checking the battery bands
Make sure that the battery bands are not
To store the battery:
(1) Clean the battery case using fresh water.
1 Positive (+) battery terminal: Red lead
2 Battery band
3 Negative () battery terminal: Black lead
4 Breather hose
1 Maximum level mark
2 Minimum level mark
1 Battery band
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