Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Trouble recovery
(2) Remove any weeds or debris from
around the jet intake, drive shaft, impel-
ler, jet pump housing, and jet thrust noz-
If debris is difficult to remove, consult a
Yamaha dealer.
Jumping the battery
If the watercraft battery has run down, the en-
gine can be started using a 12-volt booster
battery and jumper cables.
Connecting the jumper cables
To avoid battery explosion and serious
damage to the electrical system:
Do not reverse the polarity of the jumper
cables when connecting to the batteries.
Do not connect the negative () jumper
cable to the negative () terminal of the
watercraft battery.
Do not touch the positive (+) jumper ca-
ble to the negative () jumper cable.
(1) Connect the positive (+) jumper cable to
the positive (+) battery terminals of both
(2) Connect one end of the negative ()
jumper cable to the negative () battery
terminal of the booster battery.
(3) Connect the other end of the negative ()
jumper cable to an unpainted bolt on the
cylinder head.
(4) Start the engine, and then disconnect the
jumper cables by reversing the steps
above. (See page 23 for information on
starting the engine.)
Replacing the fuse
If the fuse is blown, replace it with the proper
To replace the fuse:
(1) Remove the hood. (See page 27 for hood
removal and installation procedures.)
(2) Loosen the cap and remove it.
(3) Pull out the red lead to pull out the fuse
holder from the electrical box.
1 Positive (+) jumper cable
2 Booster battery
3 Negative () jumper cable
1 Good fuse
2 Blown fuse
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