Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
Enjoy your watercraft
You share the areas you enjoy when riding
your watercraft with others and with nature.
So your enjoyment includes a responsibility to
treat these other people, and the lands, wa-
ters, and wildlife with respect and courtesy.
Whenever and wherever you ride, think of
yourself as the guest of those around you. Re-
member, for example, that the sound of your
watercraft may be music to you, but it could be
just noise to others. And the exciting splash of
your wake can make waves others wont en-
Avoid riding close to shoreline homes and wa-
terfowl nesting areas or other wildlife areas,
and keep a respectful distance from fisher-
men, other boats, swimmers, and populated
beaches. When travel in areas like these is
unavoidable, ride slowly and obey all laws.
Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure
that the exhaust emission and sound levels of
your watercraft will continue to be within regu-
lated limits. You have the responsibility to
make sure that the recommended mainte-
nance in this owners/operators manual is
carried out.
Remember, pollution can be harmful to the
environment. Do not refuel or add oil where a
spill could cause damage to nature. Remove
your watercraft from the water and move it
away from the shoreline before refueling. Dis-
pose of water and any fuel and oil residue in
the engine compartment according to local
regulations. And keep your surroundings
pleasant for the people and wildlife that share
the waterways: dont litter.
When you ride responsibly, with respect and
courtesy for others, you help ensure that our
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