Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

A. More throttle produces higher thrust, so
the watercraft will turn more sharply.
B. Less throttle produces lower thrust, so
the watercraft will turn more gradually.
C. Releasing the throttle lever completely
produces only minimum thrust. If you are
traveling at speeds above trolling, you will
have rapidly decreasing ability to steer
without throttle. You may still have some
turning ability immediately after releasing
the throttle lever, but once the engine
slows down, the watercraft will no longer
respond to handlebar input until you ap-
ply throttle again or you reach trolling
At trolling speed, the watercraft can be
turned gradually by handlebar position
alone using just the amount of thrust
available at idle.
D. If the engine is stopped while riding, there
is no thrust. The watercraft will go straight
even though the handlebars are turned.
You need throttle to steer.
To maintain your balance, lean into a turn.
How much you lean depends on the sharp-
ness of the turn and your traveling speed. In
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