Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Care and storage
Long-term storage
Always turn the fuel cock knob to OFF
when storing the watercraft, otherwise
fuel could leak out into the engine or en-
gine compartment, which would create a
fire hazard.
Storage for long periods of time, such as win-
ter storage, requires preventive maintenance
to ensure against deterioration. It is advisable
to have the watercraft serviced by a Yamaha
dealer prior to storage.
However, the following procedures can be
performed easily by the owner.
(1) Flush the cooling water passages. (See
page 54 for flushing procedures.)
If you will be storing the watercraft for a pro-
longed period, such as winter storage, top off
the fuel tank with fresh gasoline and add one
ounce of Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer and Condi-
tioner to each gallon of fuel in the fuel tank be-
fore starting the engine.
(2) Clean the watercraft. (See page 55 for
watercraft cleaning procedures.)
Wax the hull with a non-abrasive wax
such as Yamaha Silicone Wax.
Use a Yamaha Power Cable Luber and spray
Yamaha Lube-Zall between the inner and out-
er cables to lubricate the cables and purge out
any dirt and moisture.
To keep moving parts sliding or rotating
smoothly, lubricate them with water-resistant
Throttle cable (carburetor end) and choke
cable (carburetor end)
Throttle cable (throttle lever end)
Squeeze the throttle lever and remove the
seal. Spray Yamaha Lube-Zall into the out-
er cable. Refit the seal securely.
Recommended water-resistant grease:
Yamaha Marine Grease/Yamaha
Grease A
1 Seal
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