Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Adjusting the carburetor
If the carburetor settings are disturbed by
someone who does not have the neces-
sary technical knowledge, poor engine
performance and damage may result.
The carburetor is a vital part of the engine and
requires very sophisticated adjustments.
Most adjustments should be left to a Yamaha
dealer who has the professional knowledge
and experience to make them.
However, the operator may adjust the engine
idling speed as part of the usual maintenance
Adjusting the engine idling speed
(1) Place the watercraft in the water.
(2) Start the engine and warm it up for 1 to 2
(3) While using a diagnostic tachometer, turn
the throttle stop screw to adjust the en-
gine idling speed to specification. Turn
the throttle stop screw clockwise to in-
crease the engine idling speed or coun-
terclockwise to decrease the engine
idling speed.
1 Throttle stop screw
Engine idling speed:
1300 ±50 r/min
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