Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

(5) Pull your other knee up onto the riding
tray as the watercraft speed increases.
(6) Move as far forward as possible without
interfering with the movement of the han-
dlebars. Keep your body perpendicular to
the water, with your weight forward and
The watercraft will become easier to balance
as the speed increases, because jet thrust
provides stability as well as directional control.
Boarding and starting in deep water
Be sure the operator have practiced
boarding from the water while still close to
shore before riding. A person who has
made many unsuccessful attempts to get
back on the watercraft may become fa-
tigued and suffer from exposure, increas-
ing the risk of injury and drowning.
(1) Swim to the rear of the watercraft. Attach
the engine shut-off cord (lanyard) to your
left wrist, and then attach the clip to the
engine shut-off switch.
(2) Grip the handlebars with both hands. Pull
your body up onto the riding tray and bal-
ance there, using your elbows on the
gunwales for leverage.
(3) Look in all directions, start the engine,
and then begin to accelerate.
(4) Continue to pull your body up onto the
watercraft as the watercraft speed in-
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