Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

craft on page 72 or Submerged water-
craft on page 72.) NOTICE: Do not run
the engine at full throttle for at least 1
minute after the engine has been re-
started. Bilge water in the engine com-
partment can splash into the engine,
which can result in severe damage.
Beaching the watercraft
To beach the watercraft:
(1) Make sure that there are no boats, swim-
mers, or obstacles near the beach.
(2) Release the throttle lever to reduce
speed about 90 m (300 ft) before you
reach the intended beaching area.
(3) Slowly approach the beach and stop the
engine just before reaching land.
WARNING! You need throttle to steer.
Shutting the engine off can cause you
to hit an obstacle you are attempting
to avoid. A collision could result in se-
vere injury or death.
[EWJ00601] NOTICE:
Never run the engine in water that is
less than 60 cm (2 ft) deep from the
bottom of the watercraft, otherwise
pebbles or sand could be sucked into
the jet intake, causing impeller dam-
age and engine overheating.
(4) Get off the watercraft and pull it up on the
Operating in weeded areas
Always avoid using your watercraft in areas
where weed growth is thick. If operating in
weeded areas is unavoidable, alternately
squeeze the throttle lever to the full throttle
position and relax your grip on the throttle le-
ver to vary the engine speed. Weeds tend to
become clogged more when operating at a
steady speed and at trolling speed. If weeds
may have clogged the intake area, clean the
jet intake. (See page 70 for jet intake cleaning
After removing the watercraft from the
Do not run the engine for more than 15
seconds on land without supplying water,
otherwise the engine could overheat.
After operating and removing the watercraft
from the water, promptly discharge the re-
maining water from the cooling water passag-
To discharge water from the cooling water
(1) Make sure that the area around the wa-
tercraft is clear, and then start the engine.
(2) Discharge the remaining water out of the
cooling water passages by alternately
squeezing and releasing the throttle lever
quickly for 10 to 15 seconds.
(3) Stop the engine.
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