Yamaha LIT-18626-08-63 Jet Ski User Manual

Care and storage
Steering cable ball joint (handlebar end)
and steering cable inner wire (handlebar
To access the steering cable ball joint (han-
dlebar end) and steering cable inner wire
(handlebar end), remove the steering pole
cover. (See step 1 in Adjusting the jet
thrust nozzle angle on page 61 for informa-
tion on removing the steering pole cover.)
Steering cable ball joint (jet thrust nozzle
end) and steering cable inner wire (jet thrust
nozzle end)
Do not run the engine for more than 15
seconds on land without supplying water,
otherwise the engine could overheat.
Spray metallic parts of the hull and engine
with a rust inhibitor such as Yamaha Silicone
Protectant and Lubricant.
To rustproof the internal engine components:
(1) Remove the hood. (See page 27 for hood
removal and installation procedures.)
(2) Loosen the silencer cap and remove it.
(3) Make sure that the area around the wa-
tercraft is clear, and then start the engine
in a well-ventilated area.
(4) Run the engine at a fast idle.
(5) Quickly spray as much rust inhibitor as
possible through the hole in the silencer
cover. Use Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine
Fogging Oil or an equivalent. Keep spray-
ing until the engine stalls (or a maximum
of 15 seconds). WARNING! Do not pour
or spray gasoline, or any substance
other than a rust inhibitor through the
hole in the silencer cover. Do not
spray flammable rust inhibitor prod-
ucts on engine surfaces while the en-
gine is hot. Otherwise, a fire or
explosion could occur.
(6) Install the silencer cap and tighten it se-
curely. NOTICE: Be sure to install the
silencer cap securely after fogging the
engine, otherwise water could enter
the engine and cause damage.
(7) Install the hood in its original position.
1 Silencer cap
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